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The Van Curen Group was founded by brothers, Russell Van Curen and Samuel Van Curen, that has since grown into a collective of bright minds with a passion for creating and developing.

For us, it’s the feeling we get bringing our client’s vision to life. Our goal is to see your product or site succeed, and that’s exactly what we do.

Russell L.CEO / Founder
Russell is a true entrepreneur, he founded his first business during his early twenties, both online and off. His main focus has been building and creating dynamic web applications that bring added value to businesses.
Samuel C.COO / Founder
Samuel has a knack for solving difficult challenges. He makes even the most complicated software problems look simple. We haven’t seen an issue that Samuel hasn’t been able to resolve.
Wade H.Project Manager
Wade brings years a management experience to our team. He is the face of our company, ensuring everything is running seamlessly.

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